Monty St John is a computer science and information security expert, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force veteran, certified instructor, and author of dozens of cybersecurity classes and workshops. He has assisted numerous companies to build and accredit laboratories, develop cyber intelligence teams, and security operations centers (SOCs).

Monty's investigative background began in the U.S. Navy, where he spent the better part of a decade seeking out prisoners of war and individuals missing in action in the bottom part of Asia. Working to resolve and close decades-old cold cases in foreign lands in another language crafted a skill-set uniquely suited to Infosec (information security) work. To prove it, Monty shifted from the U.S. Navy to the U.S. Air Force, switching uniforms and positions, to work with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). His decades long pursuit of learning naturally led him to mentoring and then to teaching.

Monty has written and teaches a variety of classes and prefers an active learning approach. He holds a firm belief that critical thinking underpins everything at some level, but more specifically in Cybersecurity. Every class he crafts sustains this belief and is geared to empowering students to walk away with the ability to sleuth--to outline the problem and then determine the solution.

Examining his background, it's probably no surprise Monty has been active in incident response and intelligence work. He's been a regular speaker and trainer at industry conferences, including: BSides (BSidesCharm, BSidesOK, BSidesKC, BSidesAustin, BSidesSanAntonio, BSidesDFW, BSidesROC), Derbycon, ISSA Summits, OWASP Summits, and ISC2 Summits. Additionally, he's presented security topics to a number of high profile and Fortune 500 executives as part of his roles.

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-With credentials like his, you can't go wrong. Monty isn't just a trainer, he truly has practiced what he preaches and has spent years developing some of the tools and training he will share with you.

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