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  • Invitation to preview and beta test classes as they are developed.
  • Invitation to polls to help determine what classes to develop.
  • Access to a growing list of self-study tutorials, webcasts and how-tos on cybersecurity and intelligence topics.

Paid Membership

Monthly Price

Members who invest in Sultrani to make sure that high quality training continues gain access to a variety of benefits on top of what a free subscription provides.

Discounts on Training Class Costs

  • Members receive 30% off all training courses on Udemy, Pluralsight and other training platforms. This includes training offerings for instructor led classes held in Austin, Texas and other locations.

Pulse of Cybersecurity and Intelligence

  • Member only articles on cybersecurity and intelligence topics
  • Resources for your practice: Checklists, engagement letters, SOPs, etc.
  • Access to the Sultrani Cyber Intelligence and YARA Github repositories (Github account required)

Membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.